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Our story began in August 2019, when the founder of Tortuga Island, Nicolas, entered the jewelry business. Armed with passion and patience, he embarks on the crazy adventure of creating costume jewellery! Alone in the face of the Internet empire, he then hires his daughter, Julia,  to found this e-commerce site and organize the communication of the company. As for his wife Laurence, she leads the preparation of the orders  and energizes the commercial part.  It is then  that our little family has begun this fabulous conquest of the world!  

Why Tortuga Island? Always fascinated by Pirates of the Caribbean, the founder has  decided to imagine his company as the Island of Tortuga, mentioned several times in the saga! It therefore seemed obvious when the choice of the name of the company arose. 
Now well established, the Ile de Tortuga team offers necklaces
  top quality, low prices and delivered quickly! But also an available and responsive after-sales service; we are here for you!  

Anxious to meet your expectations,  several types of jewelry will be released in the future such as bracelets or rings. 
Discover now our jewelry in our shop, and contact us for any question or request, we will answer you
  with pleasure !

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